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Hi :)


Thanks for coming over to my digital kingdom. I'm Eva, a visual artist and storyteller. I'm pleased to share my work and occasional thought and insight with you.

I love stories, and as a child, I was wildly caught up in my own imagination. Drawing has been with me from an early age and it's the only thing I can remember doing at school (to the chagrin of my poor teachers).

However - instead of going to art school I went and got a degree in international relations and history, and also did some internships in that direction. After a couple of years of work experience, I finally came to realise I couldn't give up drawing and stories.. 


The decision was made - I was going to be a professional visual artist. I signed up for a mentorship with Disney artist Chris Oatley, shaped up my portfolio and here I am!

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, rerouted, then returned to Amsterdam again. I'm both Dutch and English and have a love for folklore, countryside and apple pie with custard.