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mail to: eva.spear@gmail.com

About Eva:


Whenever Eva holds a pencil, her hand will start drawing forms and lines. With fun & ease she will draw onto paper what she’s imagining in her mind.

Eva pulls you into another world with her art and aims to hit an emotion. A total, immersive experience. This is what she calls visual storytelling, a field in which she was mentored by Disney artist Chris Oatley.

However, she likes the variety of working on different kinds of artistic directions. She also likes creating little decorative drawings of individual subjects such as flowers, animals, faces and lots more.

She works with digital & traditional media. Some favourites are watercolours, charcoal & colouring pencils.

Eva draws for books, magazines and board games, for Dutch and international commissioners.

Working with Eva means:

- creating an immersive experience

- professional & friendly service

- good foundational art skills

- easily accessible. Send me a message! 

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