illustrations for visual storytelling

Children's book illustrations for 'Droomwevers'

These two illustrations were made for an educational language book for children, still to be published.

Both images were created by using 'tradtional' and digital tools. I loved emphasising the 2D style in these drawings.

3D illustration 'forest path' for yoga teacher Anne Mol

Anne Mol, a great coach and formerly a yoga teacher, commissioned this illustration. Her keywords were: 3D, meditation, fantastical forest, autumn, path leading to light

Shadow assignment for children's book of folklore stories

An illustration for a published children's story book about European folklore and scary tales

Painting Drama

The four following illustrations tell stories about different themes and all play around with composition and shapes. The aim is for each to convey a sense of atmosphere and emotion, drawing you into the story

Illustrations for children's story The Changeling