Learning milestone: “Inappropriate attention to detail may be killing your creativity”

One of my art heroes is Carter Goodrich, and one of my hobbies is to analyse my heroes' creative actions, movements.. processes... pencil strokes.....

Anyway - his illustrations are made with colouring pencils, but as far as I could make out, often starts with a black & white value drawing. I wanted to find out what his steps were from value drawing to finished colour

pencil drawing.

(A value drawing is a drawing made with dark and light shades o

f the same colour and everything in between. A value drawing uses contrast, light and dark, to differentiate between shapes in an image)

My urge to analyse every detail of an inspiring artist’s work would soon be headbutted after I tried googling Carter Goodrich’s workflow…

What I read was:

“Unlike many artists with great technical skill, Goodrich never seems to have been tempted to waste his abilities on hard realism.”


And then:

“My father was always telling me ‘work loose, work loose. Loosen up, have fun,’” said Goodrich”

How is this relevant?! You ask.

Well, I don’t know about you (youuuu, who’s totally tunnel-visionally caught up in the skill they’re trying to develop. Not just art skills, any skills!), but after I read those pieces of text I realised my art results are much less satisfying when I get into the “Analysis mode” instead of the “Play mode”.

Mostly I’m fine when it comes to making my own art, but it usually happens when someone commissions me, or when I know it needs to be displayed.

I get lost in ‘cold, hard, realism’. Trying to make everything seem as visually accurate as possible, paying too much attention to whatever type of detail, in short – perfectionism.

Beside over analysing my own work, analysing an other artist’s workflow doesn’t always help either, because I get too conscious about following THEIR workflow instead of my own natural flow.

Example -> wanting to know EXACTLY how Carter Goodrich moves from value drawing to coloured finish.

So.. the mantra of the day I tell myself and the world: “work loose, work loose. Loosen up, have fun” !!!

Lost myself to the "cold hard realism" up here, in more than 1 aspect x]

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